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...not to be replaced. Upgrade your hard-wear to premium apparel made to last a lifetime. Rule Of Threads (ROT) leverages state-of-the-art materials and innovative designs to create durable, sustainable, and long-lasting essentials with unparalleled premium fabrics. Experience our "Fabric Trinity" of comfort, softness, and stretch that sets our creations apart.

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It Starts With Our Micro-Ribbed Fabric

Our Origin Fabric is made of a combination of 95% Micro-Ribbed Cotton & 5% Elastane which provides the perfect level of comfort, softness, and stretch. See features:

210 GMS

Through dozens of sample tests and years of refinement, our signature R.O.T fit and Origin Fabric has quickly grown in popularity due to its confident design and modern style.

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A Collision of Innovation & Textiles

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Enhanced Durable Fabric (EDF):

The micro-ribbing provides the perfect level of stretch without causing any distortion to their original shape. Alternating stitches of the micro-ribbing are designed to stretch in both directions, accommodating all body shapes and sizes so that your shirt can be restored quickly after being deformed. Additionally, this prevents excessive wrinkles.

Long Sleeve Curved Henley T-Shirt: Asteroid - Rule Of Threads

Sustainable Cutting Edge Designs (SCED):

We utilize precision cut machinery to reduce fabric waste and enhance our designs. On average, both cheap and luxury brands alike throw away up to 15% of fabric which ends up as scraps. We've got it down to less than 1% with our state-of-the-art machinery allowing us to utilize all of our fabric down to the final inch.

Wear-After-Wear Utility (WAWU):

You can expect over 1,000+ wears in our apparel due to its durable designs and fabrics. We prioritize quality over quantity, so don't expect to be needing replacement shirts anytime soon. These threads are made to last. Plus, the most sustainable clothes are the ones you always wear.