Rule Of Threads was started by NYC street photographer Chris Hill, who always had a liking for streetwear that was clean, simple, well-fitted, and even more so, affordable.

The problem was that the majority of streetwear brands out there are either:


- Over priced ($50+ for a shirt?)

- Have big branded logos

- Only offer limited color options

- Poor fitting

- Terrible shipping and returns policies


... or all of the above


We prefer our streetwear to look well-fit, clean, simple, and casual so that what we wear compliments our personality, not take it over. We strongly believe that looking like our best selves, makes us feel like our best selves.

And thats exactly what we set out to do.


The Plan

"The goal was to create streetwear apparel staples that I myself would want wear every single day. It started by reimagining apparel with a modern style to look clean, simple, and casual, yet well-fit and affordable."

We started off by developing a palette of neutral colors that are simple to be styled followed by picking a staple fabric.

And we landed with a fabric you've never quite felt before- a special blend of cotton and elastane, that offers all day comfort, retains color, maintains its size, and available in multiple color options.

Better yet, we made these color options available in our S/S Shirts, L/S Shirts and all styles including our Crew Necks, V-Necks, and Henleys.

Last, and most importantly, we were able to set the apparel at an affordable price point by cutting out the middle-man by skipping retailers and working directly with our manufacturers. This helped us pass on the savings to you guys while still being able to deliver high-quality streetwear apparel at an affordable price point.


From The Rule Of Threads Team to you:

Welcome To The Brand Blending Streetwear With Modern Style

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