Meet The Brand


What's up fellas!

I'm Chris Hill (left in photo), CEO + Founder of Rule Of Threads and a U.S Army Veteran turned street-photographer. I've been heavily involved in the NYC menswear scene for the past few years working and photographing with various brands from GQ to Timberland, so I've learned the ins and outs of what guys like you and me look for in premium yet casual and affordable clothing.

From sketches to production, I started this brand back in 2018 with an idea, a concept, and every penny I saved up from my time deployed with the U.S. Army over in the Middle East.

What you and I have in common is that we don’t chase trends. WE set the standard and understand that the clean fundamentals in apparel designs will always make you look good — no matter where you’re going.

Menswear fashion is good at getting us to spend money on low quality trends that end up at the bottom of your closet + unworn. It happened to me, ALOT. Most men, like us, get tired of the demand to constantly buy new apparel that doesn't last, has uncomfortable fabrics, fits poorly, or has concerns about the environmental impact of trends…

Sometimes, it's any combination of them all.

"That inspired me to create Rule of Threads to redefine how streetwear looks, feels, is produced and purchased. Here are the rules we live by:"
-Chris (Founder)


Rule #1


If it doesn’t fit, it won’t make you look your best. Our pieces come in a range of fits, hem styles, neck shapes, etc., to compliment a variety of different body types. Our signature cotton + elastane fabric has the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort, color retention, and maintaining its shape and size. As you wear it, it adapts to fit your body perfectly.


Rule #2


White tees, black + navy basics, and a few standout pieces in neutral colors like olive are all you need on a daily basis. Our basics are designed to match just about anything in your wardrobe in colors that compliment all skin tones.



Rule #3


We strip our apparel of big logos, bold patterns and unnecessary features. The simpler each piece is, the more combinations you can make from it, and more outfits you can put together. Simplicity isn’t restricting, it’s liberating. Minimalism gives you the freedom to express yourself your way, and do more with less.



Rule #4


Perfect doesn’t exist. Instead we focus on continuous refinement. We constantly improve, upgrade and enhance our apparel, which is how we achieve our consistent high quality. But don’t take our word for it, feel it for yourself. We’re convinced you’ll feel the difference throughout every second of your wear.



Rule #5


Menswear apparel is cost-effective to produce. There is simply no justification for over charging $50+ for basic t-shirt. At Rule Of Threads, we cut out all of the unnecessary branding, retail links, and changing trends, to focus 100% on high quality apparel at affordable prices. We are exactly what premium and affordable streetwear looks like.



Rule #6


We’re not making empty sustainability claims. Because no matter what your apparel is made of, it's only “green” if it gets worn instead of discarded. We focus on designing long lasting, timeless essentials that will get its wear year after year. Replacing the ever-changing seasonal collections with minimalist basics is better for your wallet, the environment, and the people crafting your clothing.



Fashion trends change. The rules of style don't. A well fitting white t-shirt has been in style for decades, and will continue to be for a very long time. We exclusively design casual streetwear essentials that do it all. Well-fitted basics transition easily because they're versatile enough to wear to work, going out with your friends, or heading out on a date night.

Getting dressed shouldn't be complicated. Rule Of Threads is about looking the part without thinking about it. Our concept is based on constantly refining the things you love; quality fabrics, workmanship, comfort, and versatile styles.

Today, we are reimagining how looking your best, makes you feel your best.

From The Rule Of Threads Team to you:

Welcome To The Brand Where Premium + Everyday Apparel, Meets Affordable!

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